[2017-07-09] Sugo @ Jurte

In the evening it was time for a refreshment. The Jurte-café had tasty pizza and handmade lemonade – and some rocking sound by the band Sugo.
While we where waiting for our Pizza, the girls of the pizza-&-lemonade-booth asked, if I could take some photos of their booth… so we had a little gastronomy-shooting 😀

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[2017-07-09] Erdmöbel

Back in the “Himmelwärts”-tent the evening got fancy again…
The Website of the Breminale festival had a very good conclusion to describe the band Erdmöbel: “eigenwillige wie eingängige Musik” (that means “wayward/contrary but also catchy music”).
Most time you won’t understand, what the band wanted to say (or is it only me that can’t understand?…), but it is so catchy, you have to continue listening… and in your head there are just “???”…

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[2017-07-09] Pohlmann

In the “Deichgraf”-tent I saw one of the headliners of the Breminale-sunday: Pohlmann.
Since 2006, since his hit “Wenn jetzt Sommer wär”, Ingo Pohlmann and his band are played in the radio over and over – and so Bremen 4 invited them to play on their stage at this year’s Breminale – where they didn’t play the first time…

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[2017-07-09] The Fairies (Rooftop-Concert!)

The last day of Breminale 2017 started with a concert of the Bremen-based The-Beatles-tribute-band “The Fairies” – at the rooftop of the art gallery – as a tribute to the legendary rooftop-Concert of The Beatles.

For security-reasons there where only about 40 guests allowed to get on the roof, which where choosen by lottery-tickets the day before.

Not just the location was special – also the lineup. Because bass-player Thomas Milowski was on vacation, they got a great compensation with Ralf Stahn, a musician from Worpswede.

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[2017-07-08] Town of Saints

At the end of the day I met two old acquaintances from last year: Town of Saints.

Last year they played in full lineup at the “Himmelwärts”-tent, this year they played just as duo – Harmen und Heta – at the Jurte-stage, which made the concert just much more intimate and personally.

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